We treat a wide range of eye diseases and eye injuries or emergencies.  We see all ages of patients in a caring and gentle manner.

The following symptoms require care:
        -Flashes of light
        -Excessive Floaters
        -Foreign body
        -Sudden changes in Pupil size
        -Sensitivity to light
        -Pink eye (Conjunctivitis)
        -Double Vision

We also manage the treatment of eye diseases that require long term care.
        -Dry Eye
        -Macular degeneration
        -Diabetic eye disease
        -Hypertensive retinopathy

Your eye doctor understands your individual needs.  We have a complete overview of your eye and general health history. The doctors at Mild High Eye Care are able to help patients through the referral process.  We have a panel of trusted surgeons to help ensure the best quality of care throughout the entire surgery process.

We co-manage with Lasik Centers, Cataract Surgeons, Corneal Surgeons, Glaucoma Surgeons, Retina Surgeons, and Cosmetic Surgeons.